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The neck measurement is the measurement of their collar,” Clem said.Due to the variety of outerwear, from windbreaker-type material to sweaters, dog owners should consider why they want outerwear for the dog and how much will it be used.Whether trying to keep man’s best friend cozy during cold temperatures or keeping them dry during downpours, dog owners have several options for outerwear to provide that extra bit of comfort.

Lara Spencer an anchor turned real estate agent just face a divorce after 15 years of marriage.

For pet owners who are not able to bring their dog into a store to get properly fitted, Clem recommends measuring the dog prior to visiting the store. Measure the chest from behind the front legs and completely around.

The length is from the collar to the start of the tail.

Strained: Lara Spencer is said by sources to be 'furious' that the 8am role will go to Michael Strahan, when she had been promised she would be main anchor.

She was seen on air this morning as Robin Roberts announced the move to viewers Only public reaction: This was Lara Spencer on GMA on Wednesday morning as the hosts discussed Michael Strahan joining them full time in September.

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