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What is interesting to note is these four large municipal bond funds were not badly hurt with the drop in bond prices. Puerto Rico has opted to go into a court-appointed oversight board to restructure the debt.

I do not believe states and territories can go into bankruptcy, so that term is not quite appropriate. The Franklin Federal Tax Free Income Fund (FKTIX) has over billion in assets.

Summary PLEASE READ UPDATED REVIEWAn all around excellent trading room. At that time, the trading room had been in business for only 2.5 months and my initial screen recordings showed promise.

With a Ph D in physics from Stanford University, he was a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs Lucent Technologies in the RF and Analog Simulation department, and also a senior member of Consulting Staff at Cadence Design systems for more than 15 years working on analog and digital simulation software projects. Good stuff..about 30 minutes into it so far but it has elicited greater interest to continue reading.

“While it was announced as a gamma optimizer, which in itself is plenty valuable, I would like to comment on the high quality of information posted inside the chat room.

According to its website, the fund’s year-to-date return is 3.51% versus the Bloomberg/Barclays High Yield Muni Index of 4.76%.

The fund has over billion in assets and 4.6% invested in Puerto Rico. As I look at the inventory on Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCHW), I see many Puerto Rican bonds trade at par or at a premium. law that authorized the creation of PROMESA, allows for debt restructuring by Puerto Rico.

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Santiago “committed the offense after substantial planning and premeditation to cause the death” of five elderly people who had traveled to Fort Lauderdale to go on cruises, read the indictment filed by prosecutors Rick Del Torro and Lawrence La Vecchio.

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