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Simon Mohos is the host & supervising producer of all things awesome at ANDPOP.

He has large dimples and secretly wishes he was in a band.

Most videos feature just Hoying and Grassi, however several include other artists or guests.

Superfruit has had many different end segments to their videos, which have varied over time but (as of September 2015) consist of Song Suggestions and Weekly Obsessions.

Grassi and Hoying are both members of the Grammy-award winning a cappella group Pentatonix, While the show mainly focuses on themselves and comedy, the show occasionally features vocal performances by Grassi and Hoying.

They almost always title their videos in all capital letters. Both grew up together with fellow bandmate Kirstie Maldonado and were schoolmates at Martin High School.

Scott, Mitch and their band Pentatonix competed on Season 3 of The Sing-Off, becoming the winner of the competition and securing a record deal with the Sony-owned label Madison Gate Records.

Later, on November 15, 2016, they released a second original song, "Sweet Life", with more official music planned for 2017.

Superfruit consists mainly of vlogs about the duo's daily lives and various casual games and competitions, but the channel also features a number of musical projects.

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