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And it only takes three minutes (2 minutes and 40 seconds, to be exact). Hillary Wright has been a dedicated student and teacher of yoga and meditation for almost a decade.

She is a 500 Hour E-RYT and travels internationally teaching yoga teacher trainings and retreats.

A few things to note: A student whose degree is conferred before they compete in their first competition heat, and who has therefore graduated, is not eligible to compete.

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Then upload your own Three Minute Thesis video via the video submission page by 1st May 2017 This video won't be public, and it won't be judged for its technical quality: our judges will be looking for people who can communicate their research in an interesting, engaging and clear way. Our team of judges will select a shortlist, and if you are shortlisted you will go forward to the final on 7th June 2017. Finalists will present their Three Minute Thesis for a live audience of staff, students and guests in the Ramphal Lecture Theatre.

For those with processed hair, this product instantly recharges faded color between salon visits and gives hair reflective brilliance while sealing the cuticle with a moisturizing layer. " Simone De Gannes Lange, Educational Research (Third Place) "Leadership in Action" Jing Zhao, Geoscience (People's Choice) "A new method of dating oil residence time in reservoir: How long did I sleep" Heat 2 Cynthia Kahl, Medicine: Neuroscience (First Place, Finalist) (In Finals: Third Place, People's Choice) "Turning down the tics: Using transcranial magnetic stimulation as a potential treatment for Tourette's syndrome in children" Ghada Nafie, Chemical & Petroleum Engineering (Second Place, Finalist) "Nanoparticle Technology - Tomorrow's Wastewater Solution" Lazaro Sanchez -Rodriguez, Biomedical Engineering (Third Place) "Controlling brain networks: What we can do with optimal brain stimulation" Michael Herrmann, Electrical & Computer Engineering (People's Choice) "Internet of Things: Making Smart Decisions to Extend Battery Life" Heat 3 Tona Pitt, Medicine: Community Health Sciences (First Place, Finalist) "Determining the Cause of Motor Vehicle Related Paediatric Bicyclist Injuries" Nancy Adam, Medicine: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (Second Place, Finalist, People's Choice) (In Finals: Second Place) "The aging clock: capping the lifespan of our cells" Austin Nguyen, Biological Sciences (Third Place) "Metabolomics: A Diagnostic Method for Infectious Disease" Heat 4 William Andrew Thompson, Biological Sciences (First Place, Finalist, People's Choice) "The Environmental Cost of Pursuing Happiness" Stephanie Hladik, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Second Place, Finalist) "Using an Engineering Education Framework to Introduce Elementary Teachers to Computational Thinking" Amanda Chan, Biomedical Engineering (Third Place) "PRG4: Lubrication for our dry eyes" Heat 5 Aprami Jaggi, Geoscience (First Place, Finalist) (In Finals: First Place) "The ultimate fate of oil in the marine environment following spillage" Supun De Silva, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Second Place, Finalist) "Efficient Antennas for Your Smart Phone" Annie Hoang, Chemistry (Third Place, People's Choice) "Core-Shell Nanoparticles: An Ace in the Hole for Clean Energy Conversion " Heats and Finals are open to the public for viewing.Join us at these interesting and exciting events to learn more about the research being performed at the University of Calgary.The 3MT® competition is best suited to researchers in second year or above (or part-time equivalent) as they tend to have a more fully formed project, but first-year doctoral or MPhil/Ph D students are also welcome to enter.Any questions, email us on Stage 1: Read the rules.

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